About us

about us

Since the beginning in 1895, Buonanno has pursued a vision of beauty, perfecting a cultural heritage linked to Italian excellence, a land where products are both conceived and created giving life to timeless wonders.

As a symbol of excellence and style, classic and timeless, Buonanno is closely linked to the Neapolitan culture of its territory of origin and to a new brand concept based on exclusive experience for the customer where savoir faire pervades every garment and every accessory.

Founded in Naples and later also landed on the eternal island of beauty, the island of Capri, Buonanno completes the desire of that man in the continuous search for the perfect style made of colors, materials, perfumes and memories.

Over time, the unique characteristics of the pure Made in Italy have remained intact: quality, passion for details and handmade manufacturing. The style and excellence of the materials are the characteristics of a new idea of ​​elegance where tradition and modernity are closely connected to the classic customer with a contemporary and sophisticated twist.