A brand is a living creature that expresses a wealth of values, visions, feelings and emotions.
The choices of communication are key to conveying the essence of the brand and its vision of the world.

For these reasons, Buonanno chose Lunare Project to tell his story, through a powerful and emotional medium like music.
The result is a musical brochure, the “Lunare Project tribute Buonanno” compilation, designed to express a way of being and understanding of life.

An identity project that places the brand within feelings such as beauty, culture, trend and entertainment, in a classic mood with avant-garde perspectives, created to overcome territorial and cultural boundaries.

Music stimulates the senses, a further dimension to impress indelibly in the listener the essence of the brand.

Lunare Project gives life to a new collection;
a tribute to a project that has made the history of dress in Naples:
“Lunare Project tribute Buonanno” compilation

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